LG analysis


What's new: The obligation to carry out a wage analysis from 2020 comes into force

  Obligation for companies with more than 100 employees to carry out a wage equality analysis with free choice of model

  Formal review of the wage equality analysis by an auditor

  Obligation to inform shareholders and employees about the results of the action.

The VCLG enables you to carry out the legally required wage analysis and its revision in an uncomplicated manner. The analyses are carried out closely in accordance with the specifications of the Federal Office for Gender Equality (EBG) and on the basis of our many years of experience with wage analyses and controls. This will help you to comply with the legal requirements and ensure fair pay for women and men in your company with tailor-made offers.


What the VCLG has to offer

You want to pursue the minimum duty, but not beyond ? 

What the LGbasic certifies

  • Formally correct wage analysis

What the company receives

  • A short summary of the results of the wage analysis
  • Report auditor

Then this option is right for your business.

Do you want to pursue the minimum duty, but also beyond it? 

What the LGadvanced certifies

  • Wage analysis carried out correctly in terms of form and content
  • Systematic wage inequality not significantly higher than 5%

What the company receives

  • Detailed report with interpretations of the wage analysis, including recommendations for action
  • Report auditor

Then you should select this option.



The VCLG works with the scientifically and legally recognized Logib tool, which is based on the standard analysis model of the federal government.

The standard analysis model is a regression model based on six factors:

  • Years of training
  • Potential work experience
  • Years of service
  • Operational competence level
  • Occupational position
  • Sex