CLG certificate


Our CLG certificates enable you to clearly demonstrate equal opportunity and pay (CLG) to your customers, employees, owners and regulators. The certificates are graded according to the final evaluation of the company. The assessments are drawn up closely in accordance with the specifications of the Swiss Federal Office for Gender Equality (EBG) and on the basis of our experience in wage analyses and controls.


What the VCLG has to offer

Would you like to analyse not only the wage equality but also the equal opportunities of your company?

What the certificates of opportunity and equal pay certify

  • a wage analysis carried out correctly in terms of form and content
  • Systematic wage inequality not significantly higher than 5%.
  • Equal opportunities analysed

What the company receives

  • Detailed report on the situation with regard to equal opportunities and wages in the company, including recommendations for action
  • If desired: report by auditor

Then our CLG certificates are perfectly tailored to you.

You will receive the CLGbasic if the analyses of equal opportunities and wages have been completed with the rating "good".
You will receive the CLGbestpractice if the analyses of equal opportunities and wages have been completed with the rating "very good".
You will receive the CLGsustainable if the CLGbestpractice has been achieved twice in a row.



Wage equality analysis

  • Wage Analysis with the Logib tool
  • Advanced Logib data analysis


Equal opportunities analysis

  • Analysis of seven dimensions of equal opportunities
    • wage equality
    • Further development / promotion / career / dismissal
    • Design of working conditions / compatibility
    • Protection against sexual harassment 
    • Measures for an equal opportunity friendly culture
    • Existing equality structures
  • Analysis of company-internal framework conditions through document analysis
  • Questioning of responsible persons within the scope of an audit