Equal opportunities & pay

Legal situation



1981   Equality article included in Federal Constitution:  Legal equality of women and men in family, education and work (including equal pay) is achieved.                                                              

1996   Swiss Equality law enters into force as enforcement law of the article.

2020   Revision of the Equal Opportunities law: Every company with more than 100 employees is obliged to carry out a wage equality analysis and have this checked by an external body.

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Statistically, the wage inequality can be proven without contradiction, the legal requirements remain unachieved.


Our goal



The VCLG is committed to achieving equality of opportunity and pay between women and men, and its efforts are based on the Gender Equality Act:

Equal pay within the meaning of the VCLG is achieved when there is no systematic inequality of pay between women and men for equal work or work of equal value within a company and the framework conditions for a fair wage policy within the company are in place.

Equal opportunity in the sense of the CLG certificate means that the framework conditions in companies are designed in such a way that the development, work and success opportunities in the company develop (or can develop) equally for women and men.